Dentist Mobile Teeth Whitening

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Our Teeth Whitening Process

Appointment 1

We listen to your concerns about the appearance and colour of your teeth. We assess and discuss your needs and tailor our treatment to give you a natural-looking, beautiful, bright smile. We encourage you to ask questions so that they may be answered to your complete satisfaction, enabling you to proceed with confidence.
A simple Medical History and Consent Form are completed.
Quick-setting impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth. These are used to make your Custom-made Whitening Trays.
We take pre-treatment photos of your teeth, recording their original shade using a specialised Shade Guide.

The specialised Shade Guide

Appointment 2

A few days later your Gel and Trays will be ready for delivery.
You will be shown how to apply the Gel to the Trays and how to fit the Trays around your teeth. You will learn how to clean your trays and store the Trays and Gel at home.

You will need to apply the Gel to your Trays and wear them every day for a period of time advised by the Dentist.

You should continue using the Gel until you have achieved the shade of tooth you are happy with. This normally takes two to three weeks, but can be quicker or slower, depending on individual circumstances. Teeth usually begin to appear brighter after just a few days.

We ask that you wear your Trays conscientiously as advised, to achieve optimal results.

The Trays

Appointment 3

At the end of the Whitening process, we invite you to make a review appointment, when the Dentist will check the tooth shade achieved against the original starting shade.
Your new , brighter smile should benefit you for a year or longer, but be aware that stains can reappear over time especially if you continue to smoke or are a regular drinker of tea, coffee or red wine.
Your Trays will enable you to easily top up your teeth's whiteness over time. The Dentist will advise you on a suitable top up regime to restore the whiteness of your smile.
Teeth Whitening is suitable for most people aged over 18 years, but not if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

As a cosmetic procedure, it is best performed in a stable, reasonably maintained mouth and certainly not where there is active gum disease or tooth decay.

Teeth Whitening is not effective on Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, tooth-coloured fillings or other fillings. Hence, if visible, you may have to consider replacing these with whiter ones to match the colour of your new, whiter teeth.

If relevant, this will be identified and discussed at the Consultation stage.