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Who We Are

TWSDENTAL are a Dentist- owned Teeth Whitening company based in Farnham, Surrey. We provide a flexible, friendly, mobile service to your home or place of work. We are Professional and discreet.

We are passionate about the many benefits of Teeth Whitening. We can make your dream of having a beautiful, white smile come true. We love to see the rejuvenating effect and simultaneous boost to your confidence that your bright new smile will bring.

Teeth Whitening delivered by our experienced GDC Registered Dentist is both safe and simple, the most reliable and effective way to brighten your smile.

TWSDENTAL uses a premium quality Whitening Gel and Custom-made, patented design, Whitening Trays. These products are only available to licensed Dentists and are supplied directly from an internationally respected, specialised Dental Laboratory in the West End of London.

The quality of the products used and the techniques employed have proven to give remarkable results worldwide.

Principal Dentist

Dr Gavin Whelan BDS studied Dentistry at Birmingham University Dental School and was awarded his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree in December 1984. He has been included in the General Dental Council register of licensed Dentists in successive years since then. His GDC number is 59439.

Gavin has enjoyed working in various areas of Dentistry, including :

How it works

TWSDENTAL Teeth Whitening treatment is a safe, reliable procedure that uses the dental bleaching agent Hydrogen Peroxide, or its variant, Carbamide Peroxide, in the form of an easy to use Gel.

The choice of Gel is discussed at the Consultation stage of treatment. Each Gel has been carefully formulated and is used extensively in Private Dental Practice. Both Gels fully comply with strict UK GDC and EU regulations pertaining to Dental Bleaching materials.

A key requirement for bleaching success is that the chosen Gel is accurately held in contact with your tooth's surface Enamel for sufficient time, to enable diffusion of the Gel to proceed into the Enamel and subsequently the Dentine underneath.

This requirement is achieved using the lightweight, patented, Custom-made Whitening Trays which fit snugly around your teeth and carry a small quantity of fresh Gel each time they are used. One tray is made for your upper teeth, another for your lower teeth. The Trays are made after dental impressions of your teeth have been taken.

As the Gel diffuses through your tooth structure Oxygen is released. When the Oxygen encounters long chains of Stain polymers, typically originating from Smoking, Coffee, Tea etc. the process of Oxidation occurs. The long chains of Stain Polymers are Oxidised or broken up. They now no longer absorb light and appear dark, but reflect light and appear bright.

This, simply put, is how your teeth become brighter, without damage, by dental bleaching.